We’re back…

Welcome back and if you’re just tuning in you missed a global pandemic and trick-or-treating was cancelled last year but 2021 is a new year and thanks to all of you we’re back for a more ‘normal’ halloween experience this year.

Look forward to scaring you soon!

Happy Halloween!

Good evening foulish mortals your journey begins here!

Wishing you all a very Happy (and safe) Halloween. The weather forecast looks good (no rain – which may be a first in the last 15 years) so hopefully you can enjoy a walk through the neighborhood and our display!

A friendly reminder that we will not be giving out candy and encourage you to be safe out there.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Halloween candy is not only on sale but has been reduced again – so go out and buy a box!

Some Thank Yous…

As we round the corner on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend we are in the home stretch to Halloween.

After years of support I wanted to say thank you to all our supporters over the years who have given generously to SickKids Hospital from our charitable home haunt. We really appreciate the outpouring of support. This year you can make donations on our Donate Now page and all proceeds go directly to SickKids Hospital Foundation.

Secondly, The Canadian Haunters Association is a wonderful group of like-minded Halloween enthusiasts from whom I have learned a great deal over the years. Including just how much work it is to run a yard haunt in Southern Ontario (in October)! The website also has directory of great haunts (both commercial and home) from all across Canada – so check it out.

And Lastly I’d like to do a special shout-out to Canadian Artist Mark Gervais. Mark is an avid animator, artist, and designer. Additionally, he is a Halloween enthusiast and the creator of Hallowindow. His graphics, design and talented animations have graced many Halloween displays and his work is featured here at Freaky Farrell Road. Thanks Mark for the great art and keep up the good work!

Halloween & COVID-19

Just a reminder that we (unfortunately) will NOT be giving out Candy or opening our home for trick-or-treating this year for Halloween 2020.

Please do enjoy our Halloween display, follow social distancing and safety guidelines, and we wish you a happy safe, and healthy Halloween.

Wear a mask (costumes don’t actually count), be safe, and enjoy!

See you (in person) next year!

Version 1.0

This year took an interesting turn with COVID-19 and the global pandemic. As such we wanted to bring some fun to the neighborhood and enjoy the Halloween spirit.

This year we WILL NOT be welcoming guests in our home, and giving out Halloween candy to kids young and old 😦

However, WE WILL be running our first (version 1.0) display. It’s more of proof of concept and will scratch the surface of what’s possible but thought it was worth the effort to get it going.

Check the links above for dates, times, and location…

Going digital…

After years of running a yard haunt in Canada, once we moved, and I had to part with all my props, cemetery fencing, motorized coffins, and physical items it got me thinking about what could be next.

I have always enjoyed digital, sound, and lighting effects but what I really wanted was an every changing Halloween display. That was a bit too complicated and costly at the time, but have always hoped for the day when it would be possible.

For years I have watched the progression of 3D projection mapping (or Projection AR as its sometimes referred). Its a fascinating technology pioneered by Walt Disney with the first installation in 1969 on the Haunted Mansion attraction. I have tried for years to replicate that effect and hope to be able to upscale that experience. Fast forward to the 2000’s and 3D projection mapping is now possible but still complicated.

My goal for Freaky Farrell Road will be to explore these technologies further. Stay tuned more more updates…

We’re back….

It’s been a long time, a few years, and a new home to finally get the Halloween spirit going. So from the ashes of 67 Scary Springs Drive comes…

Freaky Farrell Road – a new address for a new Halloween experience!

Unfortunately our hope was that 2020 would be a great year to celebrate with you and showcase our new display, however a global pandemic changed all that.

Nonetheless, we’re back with our new experience stay tuned for more updates as the become available…